Shield your Smile from Damage with Personalized Mouthguards

Common Sense Family Dentistry in St. George, Utah, offers custom-designed mouth guards to guard your precious smile. Whether you are active in sports or troubled with chronic teeth grinding (bruxism), you have come to the right place. Dr. Scott Stucki and the team offer well-fitted dental splints to safeguard your smile from damage.

Types of mouthguards we offer

We provide routine preventive exams and cleanings, yet there are instances where more than standard treatments may be needed. Recognizing the diverse needs of our patients, our office offers mouth guards to promote the health of teeth and gums.

These are the types of oral devices you can enjoy in our office.

Sports mouthguard: Athletic mouth guards are ideal for patients who lead an active lifestyle or participate in sports. A sports mouthguard shields your teeth and soft tissues to prevent or reduce the impact of blows, knocks, and falls. While every sports person needs a mouthguard, boxing, wrestling, skiing, football, and hockey participants must always wear a mouth guard because of the high risk involved.

Bruxism mouth guard: Your smile isn’t only at risk when you are out in the field of play. Sometimes, damage can occur in your most relaxing moments—during sleep. Chronic teeth grinding, technically called bruxism, occurs when sleeping, often exerting an incredible amount of force that can damage your teeth and strain your jaw muscles and joints. A bruxism mouth guard prevents the upper and lower teeth from getting into contact to overcome the symptoms of bruxism.

Benefits of customized mouthguards

Don’t risk your smile with generic mouth guards available online or at the nearest drugstore. Store-bought oral appliances may be cheap but rarely fit well since they aren’t fabricated with the imprints of your dentition. Generic mouth guards can become loose and even dislodge at a time when you need their protection.

Your smile is unique, and so should be your mouth guard. Our oral splints are fabricated after taking impressions of your smile, resulting in an appliance that only fits YOU. Our mouth guards may cost a little more than their store-bought counterparts, but they are worth every penny.

Customized mouth guards offer unique benefits like:

  • Optimum protection
  • Unrivaled comfort
  • Our mouth guards are created from high-quality materials for durability
  • Undisrupted speech and breathing
  • Designed to accommodate orthodontic appliances

Get a customized mouth guard today!

Want to learn more about the mouth guards we offer? Call (435) 319-8992 to set up a consultation with Common Sense Family Dentistry. We are dedicated to preserving the enduring brilliance of your smile.